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Matt Keller Leadership Podcast

Matt is passionate about investing in other churches and has helped hundreds of pastors and church planters around the country take their leadership and churches to the next level. Matt travels and speaks often and is passionate about coaching pastors nationwide through online video coaching networks. An encourager, Matt has a God-given ability to look past what is to see what could be. One of his favorite sayings is “We’re church planters. We figure it out. We don’t take no for an answer. That’s what we do.”

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Digital Access

In the business world, it is sometimes hard to pull away from the day-to-day needs and actually become better as an organization. But, it is so essential that teams do this to get better and move their business forward. Digital Access is a monthly subscription that has been created to do just that! A 15-minute video teaching from Matt Keller will be delivered monthly to your inbox. Along with this video will come follow-up questions for your team to discuss the content and talk about how it affects your specific business.


This is an easy way for your organization to have a monthly staff meeting so you can consistently grow and get better together!


For less than $25 a month ($295 a year), you can have this subscription delivered to your inbox.


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