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Founder - Matt Keller

Matt Keller is the Founder of Advance Leadership and Founder/Lead Pastor of Next Level Church. His heart for leaders has been evident since he was a teenager. He has a  strong belief that "if we can help make businesses strong and healthy, it will help our communities in even greater ways."


With an entrepreneur’s vision, he moved to Fort Myers in 2002 to start a church with $9,200 and only 4 people. The church has grown from those 4 people to over 3,000 every weekend in two locations. Outreach Magazine has named Next Level Church in the “Top 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America” in 2012, 2013, 2014 & again in 2015.

More on Advance Leadership

Advance Leadership was started from a desire to help Southwest Florida grow stronger.  For years, Matt Keller and his team have been teaching growth principles to other non-profits and businesses all over the country. In 2012, they decided to offer those same principles to the business community in Southwest Florida and launched Advance One Day.


The desire for leaders to grow personally and for their businesses to grow has been great. From that desire, Advance Leadership is now offering other resources like Intensives, Digital Access Subscription, Executive Coaching and more.

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